Concurso rehabilitación Panificadora. Vigo. Pontevedra.

Coautores: Oscar Pampín Oros (arquitecto jefe de equipo), Leonardo Vázquez Losada (arquitecto), Jesús Fernández Cossio (arquitecto), Yanet Acosta (escritora-periodista), 

Colaboradores: Raúl Marín (diseñador gráfico), Jacobo Gavira (diseñador gráfico), Salustiano (arquitecto)

croquis 02_miuda-arquitectura


BETWEEN SILOS is a social architectural project that pretends to transform this disused factory situated in downtown Vigo into a multidisciplinary place with flat organization runned by people from the city with different initiatives.

The architectural aesthetic of BEETWEEN SILOS is based on two guiding axioms: minimal intervention and authenticity. The aim is to keep this heritage for the city maintaining the building’s stripped concrete and the stone and all the well conserved structures. It also keeps the machinery preserved inside the building as landmarks of this historic place.

The industrial structure was originally created in 1924 by the architect of “rexionalismo galego” Manuel Gómez Román and the engineers Otto Werner and Jorge Büchi. After them other architects as Antonio Román Conde worked in this place that was the first industrial factory for bread in Spain.

This rehabilitation and reconstruction will be conducted in several phases, depending on the needs and proposals of different social groups, neighborhood and professional, as well as resources for funding (crowdfunding, self-funding and other funds). Meanwhile, people can visit the well-preserved spaces, treated as scenographic places, as a symbol for spreading the respect for the industrial heritage in Vigo many times threatened.

In this project, the Panificadora complex will transform into a common place for knowledge, investigation and exchange.




The opening of the space to be accessed through various parts of the city with the opening of access for all their perimeters. In this option there is even access via motor vehicle, taking advantage of the parking that currently exists.

This project opens the Town Hall Square with some terraces in tiers to the Silos. The urbanism project also improves the connection of the sea area with the Castro through Panificadora.

The amount of visitors arriving in the city of Vigo in cruises can take a tour without interruption from the port to the Castro in an area that also meets the daily lives of the people of Vigo who walk and play sports in the Castro and in Panificadora, as well as artists and craftsmen offering local produce iconic and tasty dishes in a covered market in one of the inside streets or in the coffee shop or the restaurant.

Panificadora enhances also spaces that the city needs as covered streets for walking with children and viewpoints to see the city from the top.





interior 02_miuda-arquitectura





The building includes a covered market for local producers, production workshops, co-working spaces and start-ups business. It has also a library, a coffee shop, a restaurant and different chill outs for dinning or meeting people.

The outside area also includes places for playing sports, playgrounds, climbing wall, urban farming and skateparks.

The Silos will be an exhibition place and a viewpoint to admire the city from the top.

In most of the space inside the buildings of the old factory there will be multipurpose rooms for enchanging ideas by engaging experts and interested people with collaborative initiative. It will be also a place for social integration and offer of tools of Citizen empowerment to strengthen local voices.

Some of this projects will be paid with crowdfunding and self-funding.


croquis 03_miuda-arquitectura





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